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NEW EVENT: "74 Hit The Dance Floor!" the ultimate PARTY BINGO experience!

74 HIT THE DANCE FLOOR is the ultimate party bingo experience. Similar to bongos bingo people stand on tables singing and dancing to music while playing bingo.

When we say we create amazing team building activities and interactive entertainment experiences, we really do mean it!

Take over 300 people to the NEC Birmingham, crank up the volume and give them a hilarious night of party bingo, ridiculous games and silly challenges and watch the smiles fill the room! Been there, done that! It's "74, Hit the Dance Floor!"

We've seen every man and his dog have a go at party bingo and not quite hit the mark. Our professional lighting rigs, top quality sound system and professional event hosts take this experience to the next level. We not only keep you on the edge of your seat through the bingo action, but often stood on your seat, signing and dancing your hearts out!

It's bingo, but not as you know it. It's absolute mayhem!

Get dressed for the occasion, make sure you're wearing your dancing shoes and be prepared for this "anything-goes" style event filled with inflatable unicorns, ridiculous dance-offs and banter like you've never had before. Never will you and your team get so competitive over something you never even knew you needed!

Want to super-charge your next event?

Raise the roof off your event venue?

Have the Christmas party your company has only dreamed of?

Get in touch to check availability of "74 Hit the Dance Floor" the party bingo experience today!


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